Analysis and evaluation of the effect of the solids from road surface runoff on the sediments of river bed



In order to reduce a negative impact of heavy traffic on the river (i. e. emission of artificial and natural particulate matter and nutrients) various scientific investigations are carried out to decide if the use of street roads is allowed or prohibited. This is particularly relevant for the towns, belonging to the transport corridors of the Lithuania‘s road networks where in some towns the circuit roads haven’t yet been developed, i. e. Marijampolė (a transit town on the road of Via Baltica). Two transport corridors of European significance, the Via Baltica highway connecting Northern Europe with Central and Western Europe and the branch of IXB transport corridor IXD Kaliningrad – Marijampolė – Kaunas, cross in Marijampolė County.
Based on the scientific investigations that the use of street roads for heavy traffic causes emission of pollutants, especially those of small suspended particles and silt into the ambient water several tens of times higher than that by using the circuit roads, and generates the increase in the pollutant emission up to several tens of times, it could be stated that the use of circuit roads should be obligatory. Thus, in rainy Lithuanian autumn when the precipitation often varies around 10 mm/h, the use of street roads, when travelling of flooded and more rarely cleaned the streets of Lithuanian towns, should be only recommended if the circuit town roads are effectively developed by the new generation of road networks, i. e. less dangerous for the environment, situated from a more suitable safe distance and containing a proper runoff treatment. The dependencies used for calculating pollution loads need to be determined more accurately by test, analyzing the stormwater on the surface of roadway pavement, with further statistical estimation of the data. The experimental research performed is closely related to the study of the issues of planning and traffic pollution of various roads.

Keywords: traffic emissions, particulate matter, river sediments, sieve analyses, stormwater runoff, stormwater outlets

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