Comparative shelf life and efficacy of LDPE and PVC degrading bacterial consortia under bioformulation

Aditi Sah, Harshita Negi, Anil Kapri, Shahbaz Anwar, Reeta Goel


The present study elucidates the development of the talc-based formulation for long-term sustenance / storage of bacterial consortia, pertains to degrade polymer (LDPE and PVC). Four potential bacterial consortia were employed which consisted of Microbacterium sp., Pseudomonas putida, P. aeruginosa, P. otitidis, Bacterium Te68R, Bacillus aerius, B. cereus and Acanthopleurobacter pedis. The viability of consortia was ascertained by measuring the colony forming units per mL besides assuring the polymer biodegradation potential after formulation in talc by carrying out in vitro assays. The analysis was done by determination of λ-max shifts and scanning electron microscopy for changes in polymer composition and surface dissolution, respectively. It reveals that using the described formulations, all the consortia were able to successfully retain their characteristic biodegradation property even after 70 days of storage at ambient conditions. Furthermore, the SEM micrographs documented significant disruption of surface texture of polymer (LDPE and PVC) film by respective consortia recovered after storage. Thus, the talc-based formulation may be useful for the storage and handling of polymer-degrading consortia for large-scale applications to minimize the solid waste disposal.

Keywords: biodegradation, bioformulation, talc, consortia, shelf life, LDPE, PVC, SEM

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