Distribution and habitats of Polypodium vulgare L. in Lithuania

Ingrida RUDNICKAITĖ, Jonas Remigijus NAUJALIS, Sigitas JUZĖNAS


Polypodium vulgare L. is a perennial evergreen rhizomatous fern of family Polypodiaceae (Bercht. et J. Presl.). The state of P. vulgare is considered to be rare or fairly rare in Lithuania. The ecological and botanico-geographical status of P. vulgare in Lithuania might be critical as this fern appears to be an oceanic–suboceanic species whose habitats correspond to hillsides.
The first distribution maps of P. vulgare in Lithuania were made by P. Snarskis and A. Minkevičius in the sixth decade of the 20th century. Their works have not been continued in Lithuania until this research. The current paper presents an objective distribution of P. vulgare in Lithuania, based on herbarium material and information provided by experts of protected areas of Lithuania. The authors of the paper are stating that localities of P. vulgare, a rare or fairly rare evergreen fern in Lithuania, have increased significantly during the last 50 years.


Polypodium vulgare; fern; distribution; habitats; Lithuania

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6001/ekologija.v57i4.2276


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