Academician Pranciškus Baltrus Šivickis: research trends and students

Irena Eitminavičiūtė, Algimantas Jakimavičius


The article is dedicated to the commemoration of 130th birth anniversary of Academician Pranciškus Baltrus Šivickis (1882–1968), one of the most outstanding Lithuanian biologists of the XX century, with the focus on the development of biological research and achievements. Professor’s scientific activities are elucidated together with basic research trends. Professor P. B. Šivickis is considered an initiator of experimental zoology and of such scientific branches as morphogenesis, tissue regeneration, hydrobiology, parasitology, malacology, pedobiology in Lithuania. In the article, the main focus is on the research carried out by Professor’s students and their theses is relevant scientific branches. In general, three main biological research trends have been developed: parasitology, hydrobiology and pedobiology.


malacology; hydrobiology; parasitology; pedobiology

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