List of recent doctoral theses (biochemistry, biophysics, biology, ecology and environmental, forestry) in Lithuania

Compiled by Indrė LIPATOVA

Detailed information on the theses can be found at the “Theses and Dissertations” section of the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library:

Thesis title Branch Author Date of defence Supervisor(s)
Development of new methods for small RNA labeling Biochemistry Aleksandr Osipenko 6 March 2019 Prof. Dr Giedrius Vilkaitis, Vilnius University
Nanostructured bioelectrocatalytic systems based on oxidoreductases Biochemistry Dalius Ratautas 28 June 2019 Dr Lidija Tetianec, Vilnius University
The response of chemoresistant human colorectal cancer cells HCT116 to cytotoxic treatment Biochemistry Eglė Kukcinavičiūtė 6 September 2019 Prof. Dr Vida Kirvelienė, Assoc. Prof. Dr Aušra Sasnauskienė, Vilnius University
Defining cell populations and their conservation between human and mouse in airway epithelium and lung cancer by single cell RNA sequencing Biochemistry Rapolas Žilionis 20 September 2019 Dr Linas Mažutis, Vilnius University
Characterization of pore-forming toxin vaginolysin from Gardnerella vaginalis Biochemistry Milda Zilnytė 25 September 2019 Dr Milda Plečkaitytė, Prof. Dr Aurelija Žvirblienė, Vilnius University
Changes in plant agronomic performance and biochemical processes induced by seed treatment with cold plasma and electromagnetic field Biochemistry Giedrė Paužaitė 26 September 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Vida Mildažienė, Vytautas Magnus University
Molecular mechanisms of Acinetobacter baumannii pathogenesis Biochemistry Jūratė Skerniškytė 27 September 2019 Prof. Dr Edita Sužiedėlienė, Vilnius University
Investigation of Pyridine-ringattacking Oxygenases Biochemistry Vytautas Petkevičius 27 September 2019 Prof. Dr Rolandas Meškys, Vilnius University
Regulation of differentiation and epigenetic mechanisms of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells Biochemistry Monika Gasiūnienė 27 September 2019 Prof. Dr Rūta Navakauskienė, Vilnius University
Application of modified nucleotides in biosynthesis of nucleic acids Biochemistry Algirdas Mikalkėnas 30 September 2019 Prof. Dr Saulius Serva, Vilnius University
Modified pyrimidine nucleotides for the synthesis of oligonucleotides Biochemistry Jevgenija Jakubovska 3 October 2018 Prof. Dr Rolandas Meškys, Vilnius University
Modelling of gap junction channel gating and its role in function of networks of neurons and cardiomyocytes Biophysics Kęstutis Maciūnas 10 May 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Feliksas Bukauskas, Prof. Dr Vytautas K. Veršelis, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Midbody inheritance, degradation and functions Biophysics Paulius Gibieža 26 June 2019 Prof. Dr Rytis Prekeris, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Investigation of the dependence of brain auditory steady-state responses on stimulation type Biophysics Aleksandras Voicikas 1 July 2019 Dr Inga Griškova- Bulanova, Vilnius University
Investigation of cell membrane permeability, efflux of small intracellular molecules and cell viability after electroporation Biophysics Baltramiejus Jakštys 29 August 2019 Prof. Dr Saulius Šatkauskas, Vytautas Magnus University
Simultaneous and independent electrotransfer of DNA and small molecules and its dependence on external medium conductivity Biophysics Milda Jakutavičiūtė 30 August 2019 Prof. Dr Saulius Šatkauskas, Vytautas Magnus University
The photostability and phototoxicity studies of hydrophilic quantum dots in model biosystems Biophysics Agnė Kalnaitytė 11 October 2019 Prof. Dr Saulius Bagdonas, Vilnius University
Effects of sex and handedness on the hemodynamic response obtained in the human prefrontal cortex Biophysics Sigita Činčiūtė 27 November 2019 Prof. Dr Osvaldas Rukšėnas, Vilnius University
Peculiarities of the helminth fauna of mustelids (Mustelidae) in Lithuania Biology Dovilė Nugaraitė 15 March 2019 Prof. Dr Algimantas Paulauskas, Vytautas Magnus University
The residual effect of sauna induced heat stress on cognition, neuromuscular function, and stress hormones level Biology Margarita Černych 30 April 2019 Prof. Dr Marius Brazaitis, Lithuanian Sports University
Epigenetic and genetic alterations of non-coding genome structures in gastric cancer pathogenesis Biology Rūta Steponaitienė 8 May 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Limas Kupčinskas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
The influence of in vitro modulated mesenchymal stem cells on skin regeneration Biology Aušra Liubavičiūtė 14 June 2019 Prof. Dr Genė Biziulevičienė, Centre for Innovative Medicine
Fundamental and applied studies of human mesenchymal stem cell secretome Biology Ugnė Jonavičė 21 June 2019 Dr Augustas Pivoriūnas, Centre for Innovative Medicine
Towards reconstruction of periodontal tissues using periodontal ligament mesenchymal stem cells Biology Alina Čebatariūnienė 28 June 2019 Dr Augustas Pivoriūnas, Centre for Innovative Medicine
Pulmonary effects of air pollution: evaluation of toxicity on lung alveolar and airway epithelium in vitro and in vivo Biology Jovilė Raudoniūtė 5 July 2019 Dr Rūta Aldonytė, Centre for Innovative Medicine
Effects of stretching passive and active muscle on range of motion, muscle damage, pain and stiffness in young women Biology Pornpimol Muanjai 26 August 2019 Prof. Dr Sigitas Kamandulis, Lithuanian Sports University
The role of non-coding RNA in pathogenesis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors Biology Ugnė Gyvytė 28 August 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Limas Kupčinskas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Effect of acute strength load on motor and cognitive function of elderly people Biology Margarita Drozdova- Statkevičienė 20 September 2019 Assoc. Prof. Dr Nerijus Masiulis, Lithuanian Sports University
Molecular adaptations of skeletal muscle in health and disease Biology Maja Schlittler 27 September 2019 Prof. Dr Håkan Westerblad, Lithuanian Sports University
Prevalence of vector-borne pathogens in dogs Biology Vytautas Sabūnas 8 November 2019 Prof. Dr Jana Radzijevskaja, Vytautas Magnus University
Search and analysis of novel bacterial lipolytic enzymes Biology Alisa Gricajeva 18 December 2019 Prof. Dr Lilija Kalėdienė, Vilnius University
Role of the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in the food web of the south-eastern Baltic Sea coastal waters Ecology and environmental Artūras Skabeikis 13 June 2019 Assoc. Prof. Dr Jūratė Lesutienė, Klaipėda University
The impact of European bison, American bison and cervids on ecosystems Ecology and environmental Artūras Kibiša 28 June 2019 Prof. Dr Vitas Marozas, Vytautas Magnus University
Bloom-forming cyanobacteria, cyanotoxins and significant factors for their dynamics in freshwaters Ecology and environmental Ksenija Savadova- Ratkus 5 July 2019 Dr Ričardas Paškauskas, Dr Judita Koreivienė, Nature Research Centre
The Nemunas River watershed input to the Curonian Lagoon: discharge, microbiological pollution, nutrient and sediment loads under changing climate Ecology and environmental Natalja Čerkasova 13 September 2019 Prof. Dr Hans Georg Umgiesser, Klaipėda University
Ecosystem services of coastal water bodies: assessing temporal changes and their implications to management Ecology and environmental Miguel Ângelo Raposo Inácio 16 September 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Gerald Schernewski, Klaipėda University
Assessing sustainable development of coastal systems Ecology and environmental Donalda Karnauskaitė 16 September 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Gerald Schernewski, Klaipėda University
The impact of changing climate and extreme climate events on summer barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and summer rape (Brassica napus L.) grown in mono and mixed culture with wild mutsrad (Sinapsis arvensis L.) Ecology and environmental Diana Miškelytė 27 September 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Romualdas Juknys, Vytautas Magnus University
Quantitative assessment of bioinvasion impacts on marine ecosystems Ecology and environmental Greta Srėbalienė 18 October 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Sergej Olenin, Klaipėda University
Wind-induced coastal upwelling in the South-Eastern Baltic Sea: spatio-temporal variability and implications for the coastal environment Ecology and environmental Toma Dabulevičienė 30 October 2019 Prof. Dr Inga Dailidienė, Klaipėda University
Exoerythrocytic development of avian malaria parasites and haemoproteids: completing the cycle Ecology and environmental Mikas Ilgūnas 11 December 2019 Habil. Dr Gediminas Valkiūnas, Nature Research Centre
Assessment of the sediment transport in the Baltic coastal lagoon: the numerical modelling approach Ecology and environmental Jovita Mėžinė 13 December 2019 Prof. Dr Hans Georg Umgiesser, Klaipėda University
Chemoecological peculiarities of Rhagoletis batava Hering (Diptera, Tephritidae) Ecology and environmental Dominykas Aleknavičius 13 December 2019 Prof. Habil. Dr Vincas Būda, Nature Research Centre
The effects of multicomponent chemical mixtures on behavioural, physiological and biochemical parameters of different fish species Ecology and environmental Tomas Makaras 17 December 2019 Dr Gintaras Svecevičius, Dr Nijolė Kazlauskienė, Nature Research Centre
Evolution of the proterozoic magmatic complexes in southern Lithuania: implications for the formation of the Varena iron ore deposit Ecology and environmental Laurynas Šiliauskas 20 December 2019 Dr Gražina Skridlaitė, Nature Research Centre
Hormonal regulation of root development in in vitro cultures of Populus tremula L. and its hybrids and Betula pendula Roth Forestry Miglė Vaičiukynė 12 April 2019 Dr Sigutė Kuusienė, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
Dependence of the wood properties of the main forest tree species on environment and genotype Forestry Adomas Stoncelis 30 August 2019 Dr Virgilijus Baliuckas, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry