Phytotoxicity of amidosulfuron (sulfonylureas herbicide) to aquatic macrophyte Lemna minor L.

  • Jūratė Žaltauskaitė
  • Roberta Norvilaitė
Keywords: herbicides, non-target aquatic plant, oxidative stress, phytotoxicity


This study examines effects of sulfonylurea herbicide Sekator OD 375 (amidosulfuron and iodosulfuron) to non-target aquatic plant species common duckweed (Lemna minor L.). The plants were affected by 5-75  µl/l concentrations of herbicide in their growth medium. L. minor had a strong phytotoxicty response to herbicide application (inhibition of growth, biomass, reduced content of photosynthetic pigments and increased content of malondialdehyde). The growth rate of L. minor was inhibited by 54.17%. The dry biomass was by 57.2% lower than in control. Application of herbicide provoked an oxidative stress, the concentrations of MDA was by 83.32% higher than in control.
General Biology