Cactus viruses in fasciated plants

  • Valentyna M. Maliarenko
  • Tatyana P. Mudrak
Keywords: fasciation, Cactaceae, Cactus virus 2, Cactus virus X


In plants of Cactaceae A. L. Juss. family occurrence of fasciated shoots and cristation of stems is often observed. Many studies have shown differences in the intensity of expression growth factors and genes associated with fasciation (cristation). We tested nine samples on viral infection, including Mammillaria elongata A. P. de Candolle f. cristata, growing on their own roots. The Scions: Mammillaria elongata A. P. de Candolle f. cristata, Echinopsis chamaecereus H. Friedr. &  Glaetzle f. cristata, Echinocereus pectinatus (Scheidw.) Eng. f. cristata, Echinopsis sp. Zucc. f. cristata which grow on the stocks Eriocereus jusbertii (Rebut) A.  Berg., Echinopsis macrogona (Salm-Dyck). Basing on bioassay and morphological properties the detected viruses are related to Cactus virus 2 and Cactus virus X and genus Tobamovirus. As the same viral particles were found in the scions and stocks, we can assume that viruses cannot cause fasciation in the investigated species.