Botanical research of the medicinal plant Polygonum amphibium L. in the vicinity of Almaty City

Natalia V. Kurbatova, Abibulla A. Ametov, Nashtay M. Mukhitdinov, Karime T. Abidkulova


The purpose of the research conducted was the study of three populations of Polygonum amphibium  L. The populations were dis­covered on the territory of Almaty Region: Frunzenskiy Pond (Os­temir, Talgar District), Lake Kishi Charyn (Amangeldy, Talgar District), Pervomayskiye Ponds (Tuimebayev, Ile District). The study included the estimation of raw medicinal plant stocks of the species indicated. The vegetation study was performed in comp­liance with the standard methods of field geobotany, and the estimation of medicinal plants stocks (the thicket area, yield, and potential annual procurement) was conducted according to the methods of A. I. Shreter, A. I. Polozhiy, and L. P. Ashmarin. As a result of work performed, the locations of three populations of Polygonum amphibium were established, geobotanical and floristic descriptions of associations were made, and herba­rium specimens of species as well as seed material were collec­ted. During the route reconnaissance investigation via GPS na­vigation, the following coordinates of the found populations of P. am­phibium were fixed: population 1 – N 43°39.153/ and E 077°15.985/; population 2 – N 43°29.991/ and E 077°21.165/; population 3 – N 43°22.555/ and E 076°54.716/.


raw material stocks; medicinal plant; Polygonaceae Juss.; plant association

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