A new host of Clavella alata Brian, 1909 (Siphonostomatoida; Lernaeopodidae) from Turkish seas

Ali Alaş, Ahmet Öktener, Dilek Türker


Clavella alata Brian, 1909 (Siphonostomatoida; Lernaeopodidae) was reported on Phycis blennoides (Brünnich, 1768) in Turkey. Phycis blennoides (Gadiformes; Phycidae) is a new host for Clavella alata in Turkey. Also, some of the  morphological characteristics of this parasitic copepod are given in photographs and drawings.


Clavella; Phycis; parasitic copepod; Turkey

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6001/biologija.v62i3.3371


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