New, insufficiently known, or rare for Lithuania species of beetles (Coleoptera) with some notes on ecology

  • Viktoras Pacevičius
Keywords: insect fauna, saproxylic species, xylomicetophagous insects, Medon apicalis, Boros schneideri


The paper presents faunistic data on 120 rare or insufficiently known beetle (Coleoptera) species, as well as one new species, Medon apicalis, for the fauna of Lithuania. In Europe, Agostenus costulatus, Anogcodes ferrugineus, Anogcodes rufiventris, Eubria palustris, Leiestes seminiger, Lissodema cursor, Mycetophagus ater, Orchesia undulata, Silvanoporus fagi are rare and local species; Anthobium unicolor, Drapetes mordelloides, Isoriphis melasoides, Oxyporus mannerheimi, Phyllotreta tetrastigma, Physoronia wajdelota, Plegaderus saucius, Nemozoma elongatum, Wanachia triguttata are rare and insufficiently known species. Saproxylic beetles such as Abdera flexuosa, Hallomenus axillaris, Hyleocoetus flabellicornis, Lissodema cursor, Orchesia undulata, Triphylus bicolor and Wanachia triguttata were found to be xylomicetophagous living in decaying wood overgrown with fungi or in fruiting bodies of tree fungi. New facts on ecology of three species were established: in 1994, 1996, and 1998, Calosoma auropunctatum population was recorded deep in mature forest; a case of high-density population of Hermaeophagus mercurialis was registered (approx. 600,000 specimens in an area of about 3.5 ha); and Boros schneideri was detected living in dead barkless pine trees in the middle of raised bogs. The locality where Medon apicalis was recorded in Lithuania is the easternmost edge of the species distribution range in Europe.
General Biology