Peroxide oxidation processes and enzyme activity of the antioxidant system in the organism of rabbits of the New Zealand breed

  • Svitlana Tsekhmistrenko
  • Nataliia Rol
  • Maksym Fedorchenko
Keywords: lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzymes, plasma, heart, rabbit


The study is devoted to the study of the flow of peroxidation processes in various organs and tissues of the body of rabbits of the New Zealand breed in the age aspect. We used blood plasma and homogenate of the brain, the heart, the liver, and the longest back muscle selected after slaughter, from birth to 90-day-age at intervals of 15 days. The content of total lipids and secondary lipid peroxidation products – TBA-reactive substances and enzymes of the antioxidant system were thoroughly studied in the prototype. The presence of high content of common lipids and TBA- reactive substances in blood plasma and liver tissues of rabbits at one day and 15 days of age was established, which pointed to active process of peroxide oxidation of lipids. An increase in the content of TBA- reactive substances was noted in the heart of rabbits with 2.24 mmol/g tissue in one-day animals to 4.85 mmol/g tissue in 90-day-old animals.