Nutritional composition of Synodontis nigrita and Tilapia mariae from the Jamieson River, Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria

  • Ijeoma Patience Oboh
  • Oluwatosin Adesola Sanni
  • Nkonyeasua Kingsley Egun
Keywords: Proximate composition, mineral content, Synodontis nigrita, Tilapia mariae, Jamieson River


The proximate composition of fish is important for easy formulation of both animal and human diets. The study on the proximate and mineral composition of captured Synodontis nigrita and Tilapia mariae was aimed at gaining knowledge of their consumption-associated benefits. Fish specimens were purchased on the bank of the river between February and April 2017 and transported to the laboratory where routine measurements, body and biochemical analysis for moisture content, fat, ash, protein, crude fibre, carbohydrate, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium were performed using the standard methods of AOAC. The result of the proximate composition of Synodontis nigrita and Tilapia mariae showed moisture content of 79.00% and 78.87%, fat value of 3.43% and 0.67%, ash content of 6.22% and 6.68%, protein value of 7.09% and 8.84%, crude fibre value of 0.40% and 1.80%, carbohydrate content of 3.86% and 3.14%, respectively. The mineral composition of Synodontis nigrita and Tilapia mariae revealed sodium values of 32.90 mg/kg and 30.20 mg/kg, potassium values of 171.70 mg/kg and 175.60 mg/kg, calcium values of 13.50 mg/kg and 9.20 mg/kg, magnesium content of 15.00 mg/kg and 13.40 mg/kg, respectively. The results obtained in this study provided scientific knowledge of the nutritional composition of these commercial fish species.