Discovery of a new species of Ozadelpha van Nieukerken sheds more light on the diagnostics of this controversial genus of Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera)

  • Jonas R. Stonis
  • Arūnas Diškus
  • Andrius Remeikis
  • Kenji Nishida
Keywords: leaf mines, Ozadelpha nigella, pygmy moths, Symplocos


We describe a new species, Ozadelpha nigella Diškus & Stonis, sp. nov., a leaf miner on Symplocos Jacq. (Ericales: Symplocaceae), from the Yungas biogeographical province, South America. We briefly discuss the issues of diagnostics of the recently erected genus Ozadelpha van Nieukerken. The genus is now comprised of four named species having shared characters useful for efficient identification and genus recognition. The new species is illustrated with photographs of the adults, male genitalia and leaf mines.
General Biology