Extract of oats as a modulator of fatty acid composition of geese tissues in the conditions of physiological stress

  • Olena Danchenko
  • Lubov Zdorovtseva
  • Oleg Vishchur
  • Оleksandr Koshelev
  • Tatiana Halko
  • Mykola Danchenko
  • Yulia Nikolayeva
  • Daniel Mayboroda
Keywords: geese, antioxidant activity, oat extract, fatty acid composition, feathers


Feeding natural antioxidant supplements to animals and birds has multiple advantages over traditional synthetic vitamins of the antioxidant group. This study investigated the effect of the Avena satíva extract on the antioxidant status and fatty acid composition of liver tissues, the brain, and skeletal muscles of geese, live weight dynamics, and pterylographic parameters during physiological stress of formation of contour and juvenile feathers. It is confirmed that adding oat extract to the geese diet during physiological stress increases tissue antioxidant activity. It was established that during the formation of contour feathers (day 28), the voltage of the antioxidant system is significantly weakened by the action of the extract due to selective inhibition of the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic. The synthesis of palmitic and stearic acids is activated. The oat extract caused the most remarkable changes in liver tissues. The subsequent period of formation of juvenile feathers (49 days) is characterized by equalization of the composition of fatty acids in the control and experimental groups. At the end of the experiment, the mass of the geese of the experimental group increased by 17.9% and their pterylographic parameters improved.