Structural and functional analysis of the network of protected areas of the Vinnytsia region as the basis of a regional ecological network

  • Tetiana Kucher
  • Yulia Ovchinnikova
Keywords: ecological network, biodiversity, nature reserve fund, level of reservation


Planning an ecological network requires special attention to the functionality of the created elements. Thus, in the case of the Vinnytsia Regional Ecological Network (REN), protection and restoration of typical landscape complexes are needed. The structure of the ecological network is branched, but heterogeneous; it is potentially capable of expansion and optimization. As the development of the REN of the Vinnytsia region is based on objects and territories of the Nature Reserve Fund (NRF), the structural and functional optimization of the eco-network requires optimization of the structure of the NRF. The purpose of the research is to study the spatial structure of the ecological network for the functional completeness and the effectiveness of ensuring the conservation of biodiversity. This paper analyses the structure and functions of the Vinnytsia REN, demonstrates dynamics of the formation of the NRF network and the distribution of protected objects among administrative regions, and proposes ways for its optimization. The results showed the necessity of a revision of the current structure and creation of new zoological and landscape reserves in order to improve the functional efficiency of the network. The results suggest paying more attention to providing multifunctionality to eco-network elements, as well as avoiding the creation of island objects.