Influence of laser irradiation on the growth and biosynthetic indicators of basidiomycete strains of carotenoid synthesis

  • Anastasiia Shelest
  • Anastasia Velygodska
  • Daria Kramarenko
Keywords: Laetiporus sulphureus, carotenoids, natural pigments, antioxidants, tinder fungus


This article provides information about the ways of increasing the biosynthetic activity of carotenoids by basidiomycetes Laetiporus sulphureus and searching for the most productive strain of L. sulphureus by using various light spectra. We explored the radial growth, biomass increase, and biosynthesis of carotenoids of L. sulphureus. Three strains of L. sulphureus were screened: Ls-0917, Ls-0918, and Ls-0919. They were isolated from wild plants. Surface cultivation was performed for observing the dynamics of biomass and carotenoid accumulation. The results demonstrated that certain modes of monochromatic irradiation of coherent light could increase radial carotenoid growth, biomass, and biosynthesis in mycelium and culture filtrate. We defined the most productive strains that had the greatest daily growth of mycelium. Furthermore, we discovered that observed cultures could accumulate carotenoids throughout the cultivation period.