Dishkeya gen. nov., a New World endemic genus of leaf-mining Tischeriidae (Lepidoptera), transferred from Tischeria Zeller

  • Jonas R. Stonis
  • M. Alma Solis
Keywords: juxta, new species, pseudognathos, trumpet moths


We describe a new genus, Dishkeya Stonis, gen. nov., and a new species, Dishkeya gothica Diškus & Stonis, sp. nov., discovered feeding on Gouania lupuloides (L.) Urb., Rhamnaceae. We discuss the diagnostics of Tischeria Zeller and Dishkeya gen. nov.; the latter is characterized by the absence of a juxta, the presence of a pseudognathos, and well-developed carinae of the phallus in the male genitalia. We newly combine Tischeria bifurcata Braun and Tischeria gouaniae Stonis & Diškus with Dishkeya and designate the latter species as the type species of the new genus. All species treated in the paper are illustrated with drawings or photographs of the male genitalia.
General Biology