Data on the distribution of Hystrichopsylla orientalis fleas (Siphonaptera) in Lithuania

  • Indrė Lipatova
Keywords: fleas, Hystrichopsylla orientalis, rodents, insectivores


The aim of this study was to present data on the distribution of Hystrichopsylla fleas collected from different animals in Lithuania. The study was done by analyzing collections of fleas from 2011 to 2017. A total of 96 fleas of the genus Hystrichopsylla were collected from nine mammalian species (Apodemus flavicollis, Apodemus agrarius, Micromys minutus, Myodes glareolus, Microtus oeconomus, Microtus arvalis, Sorex araneus, Neomys fodiens, and Glis glis). Morphological analysis showed that all fleas were of the species Hystrichopsylla orientalis Smit, 1956.