Re-examination of the previously neglected Central Asian Bucculatrix macrognathos and the consequent transfer of this species to Aristotelia, Gelechiidae, with a synonymisation of A. tyttha, syn. nov.

  • Oleksiy Bidzilya
  • Jonas R. Stonis
Keywords: Atraphaxis spinosa, Bucculatricidae, male and female genitalia, new combination, new synonymy


Recent morphological re-examination of the previously neglected Central Asian Bucculatrix macrognathos Puplesis & Diškus, 1996 revealed that this species actually belonged to Aristotelia Hübner, Gelechiidae and resulted in the synonymisation of another Central Asian species, A. tyttha Falkovitsh & Bidzilya, 2003, syn. nov. The paper provides, for the first time, a photographic documentation of the male genitalia of Aristotelia macrognathos (Puplesis & Diškus) (comb. nov.). The female genitalia are also described and illustrated for the first time.
General Biology