Bartonella spp. in cats

  • Paulė Drigotaitė
  • Miglė Razgūnaitė
  • Jana Radzijevskaja
  • Algimantas Paulauskas
Keywords: bartonella, cats, vector-borne zoonotic diseases, pathogenesis


Bartonella spp. are gram-negative, haemotropic bacteria infecting both a wide range of animals and humans. The currently known vectors of Bartonella spp. are fleas, ticks, lice, and sand flies. Domestic cats are the main reservoir for B. henselae, B. clarridgeiae, and B. koehlerae. Bartonella infections in cats vary from mild to deadly and, since they usually have no specific symptoms, they are often underestimated. This review provides information on Bartonella infections in cats, their biology, and pathogenicity.