Risk factors for stakeholders in renewable energy investments

  • Vidmantas Jankauskas
  • Paulius Rudzkis
  • Adomas Kanopka
Keywords: risk management, qualitative risk analysis, renewable energy industry


Modern economic development is based on innovative ideas and new investments. The better resources are deployed in investment projects, the higher the level of innovation and return for the society. On the other hand, both the efficiency of investment activities and the pace of economic growth are, to a great extent, conditioned by the quality of the system of selecting investment projects, which correspond to the existing and changing circumstances of economic functioning. The paper aims to identify and assess risk factors for renewable energy investment projects from stakeholders’ perspective. To achieve this objective, the risk analysis methods were examined and factors affecting the investment risk of renewable energy sources and their types were identified and analysed from the point of view of the public sector, funder and investor. The qualitative expert assessment method was used to evaluate the risk factors.