The method of rational dispatching a sequence of heterogeneous repair works

  • Andrey Kostogryzov
  • Oleg Atakishchev
  • Andrey Nistratov
  • George Nistratov
  • Sergey Klimov
  • Leonid Grigoriev
Keywords: criteria, efficiency, method, probability, system


For critically important power systems, some repair works should be performed by one repair brigade at the same time. Conditions for performing different works are often characterized by uncertainties. In practice, the term is given for each work, and possible damages exist if the performance of works is not well-timed. Taking into account these factors, the sequence of performing heterogeneous repair works essentially influences the safety and/or efficiency of the power system. The method of rational dispatching of the sequence of heterogeneous repair works considering the requirements of timeliness for their performance is proposed in this paper. The rational sequence of works is established by criteria of minimizing integral damages based on the best choices from different dispatcher technologies and their parameters (such as distribution of work call types by priorities, distribution of call priorities into groups, appointment of technologies inside groups). A possible effect is demonstrated by an example.