EU-CIRCLE methodological approach for assessing the resilience of the interconnected critical infrastructures of the virtual city scenario to climate change

Theodoros Katopodis, Athanasios Sfetsos, Vasiliki Varela, Stelios Karozis, Georgios Karavokyros, Georgios Eftychidis, Ilias Gkotsis, Georgios Leventakis, Ralf Hedel, Ifigenia Koutiva, Christos Makropoulos


This paper introduces a methodological approach for identifying the resilience of interconnected EU critical infrastructures to climate change. The proposed approach tries to establish a consequence-based modelling framework for assessing climate-dependent causal relationships between CI operation and response to climate impacts with an aim to minimise disruptions to service flows under diverse conditions. The proposed study provides a description of the virtual city’s forest fire and smoke reference scenario with their optional damages to the electricity transmission and distribution network.


risk assessment; interconnection analysis; holistic impact analysis; European critical infrastructures; climate change

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