Heating modes and design optimization of cogeneration steam turbines of powerful units of combined heat and power plant

  • Andrey Rusanov
  • Aleksandr Shubenko
  • Oleksandr Senetskyi
  • Olga Babenko
  • Roman Rusanov
Keywords: network heater, combined heat and power, temperature graph, turbine flow part, efficiency


An important scientific and technical problem of increasing the efficiency of CHP steam turbine units through the optimization of their operation modes and the creation of new highly efficient flow parts of cogenerating turbines is solved. Solutions to the problem of rational distribution of heat loads between the network heaters of cogeneration turbines during the heating period are presented. The calculations were performed using the software package SCAT which was developed in IPMach NAS of Ukraine. The carrying out of calculations of three-dimensional turbulent flows in flow parts of turbines using modern software systems is an effective direction of increased efficiency of power equipment. For the numerical research of three-dimensional currents, steam in the flow part of the steam turbine software package IPMFlow which is developed in IPMach NAS of Ukraine is used. With the use of software package IPMFlow, the researches of three-dimensional currents steam in the flow part of the medium pressure cylinder of the steam turbine of series T-100-130 are carried, which showed the feasibility of optimizing the geometry of the flow part in order to improve gas-dynamic characteristics of blades apparatuses.