A comparative study between PI and cascaded sliding regulator based on rotor flux oriented control for photovoltaic pumping system and fuzzy MPPT optimization

  • Ines Zerimeche
  • Abdeslam Haouam
  • Fateh Mehazzem
  • Khalil Nabti
  • Rachid Chenni
Keywords: photovoltaic generator, pumping system, rotor flux oriented control, PI and sliding regulators, and fuzzy MPPT


In this paper, a comparative study between the PI and the cascaded sliding regulator is made, based on rotor flux oriented control for the photovoltaic pumping system. In order for the motor-pump to be always optimized and operate at the maximum power for each change of illumination or temperature, it is necessary to integrate the MPPT tracking system, we used the fuzzy MPPT technique. The three-phase converter is controlled by the technique of vector width modulation (SVPWM), characterized by low response time and oscillation. Simulations of the proposed structures are validated under Matlab/Simulink. The obtained results show the superiority of cascaded sliding mode control combined with fuzzy MPPT technique, they confirm the effectiveness of this control structure in terms of parametric robustness and ensure proper operation over the entire speed range.