Human Enhancement Ethics and Uncertainty

  • Grzegorz Holub
Keywords: human enhancement, narrative, ethics, human destiny, uncertainty


This article deals with some uncertainties associated with human enhancement ethics. It presents the latter as a kind of a narrative made up of scientific and philosophical concepts. In the paper it is shown that scientific notions underpinning the human enhancement tendency are burdened with a substantial level of uncertainty, especially when the radical enhancement is considered. On the level of philosophical thinking, we encounter many unresolved questions concerning the understanding of the good and our post human destiny, namely who we want to become and why. This amounts to a high level of uncertainty. However, uncertainties are not utterly useless and destructive. They can play roles of stimulating factors or, at least, they can be helpful in discovering new horizons for our existence. In some situations they can also lead us to realize and appreciate what we possess already.
Ethics and Political Philosophy