Axiological Interpretation in the Thought of Max Weber: To Rediscover an Important Hermeneutical Concept

  • Nicolae Râmbu
Keywords: hermeneutics of values, axiological interests, reference to values


In this article, we defend the thesis according to which the axiological interpretation (Wertinterpretation) of Max Weber might play an important role. This is important not only in the field of social sciences methodology, but also within philosophical hermeneutics, where no one has given it any special attention so far. Indeed, no hermeneutics history has noted the concept of axiological interpretation. Starting from this concept and from the reality it describes, because without using the expression itself, the phenomenon of interpreting values is a constant presence in the history of any civilisation, the author of this article pleads for establishing a hermeneutics of values, a subject only sketched so far in literature.
Decision Making: Heuristics, Axiology and Structuralism