Comparative Analysis of Bakhtin’s and Saussure’s Approaches in the Context of Structuralism and Poststructuralism

  • Svitlana Povtoreva
  • Oksana Chursinova
Keywords: act, humanism, dialogism, poststructuralism, structuralism


The authors prove that Bakhtin’s works are basically connected with the structural approach. The philosopher analysed this methodology, especially ideas of Saussure, Russian formalism and others. He defined both its advantages and weak sides. The authors examine the specifics of Bakhtin’s methodology which were effectively used in the creation of an original humanistic philosophy of act. In the article the causes of popularity of Bakhtin’s works in the West philosophy discourse are revealed. The authors are making an accent on Bakhtin’s criticism, which was directed against the dehumanized tendencies of structuralism. This criticism is adequately used in modern times, because it helps to establish new humanism as well as to focus on the existence of man in the world.
Decision Making: Heuristics, Axiology and Structuralism