The Everyday in Heidegger’s Revolutionary Thought

  • Nerijus Stasiulis
Keywords: gods, Heidegger, presence, revolution, the everyday, the Greeks


The article emphasizes the primacy of the everyday in Heidegger’s ecstatic thinking. It assumes the crucial link between practical and ontological aspects of Heideggerian phenomenology and thus also deals with the hermeneutic and political aspects of the Heideggerian stance. The latter is presented as inseparable from (post)modern revolutionary mood as his reconsidering of the concept of essence implies reconsidering the concept of revolution. Links between the meaning of the phenomenological terms of das Man, der Schein, etc. and the Greek thinking of essence are stressed. The Greek inspired phenomenological solution to the guiding practical and hermeneutic issue of our time – that of withdrawal of gods – is presented as the gist of Heideggerian thought.
Preliminary Solutions in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics