Technoscience, Hermeneutic and Society Oriented to the Person

  • Juan R. Coca
  • Isabel Caballero Caballero
  • Francisco J. Francisco Carrera
  • Anabel Paramá
Keywords: science, society, person, opened, interpenetration


This article becomes the first step towards technoscience as an opened and inter-penetrated enabler. For this the authors develop a theoretical and hermeneutical analysis of the techno-scientific system. A brief history of the modern occidental science is presented. Later, this article offers the first approach to a trans-subjective or trans-personal theory within the Latin American context. The authors show different reactions to the so-called ‘monologated scientific system’ in relationship to the hermeneutic of the person. Later the authors show a more dialogistic system in which other epistemic views are considered. These are connected with the philosophy of wisdom, the theory of personal care, etc. In this sense, and finally, it is considered that the techno-scientific system could be inter-penetrated for the psychic and social scope. In fact, this affirmation is defended to reach a scientific personal progress in a permanent dialogue with other wisdom knowledge.
Preliminary Solutions in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics