The Formation of the Concept of Television Media: The Phenomenon of Direct Broadcast

  • Žygintas Pečiulis
Keywords: media, formation of TV media, first critique of Western TV, direct broadcast effects


For the first time, television was shown more than 90 years ago, and TV as the media began to entrench in the 1930s. The emergence of the new media reveals the old–new contraposition when the new communication technology is trying to interfere with the established system. The look at the era of the emergence of new media is not only a historical tour but also an opportunity to take a fresh look at today’s media and to predict their development. This text analyses the 1930s–1960s scripts from the Paris Saint-Genevieve Library Funds about the theory and critique of Western TV. Our goal is to reveal how the new media is perceived in texts of those days, with a particular attention to the effects of direct broadcast.
Creativity in the Past and the Present