Philosophical Considerations: Economical, Epistemological, Cultural and Social Issues

  • Vytis Valatka
Keywords: philosophy, economics, cognitive sciences, social sciences, cultural studies, links and interconnections


This article analyses and interprets multiple links and interconnections among philosophy, economics, management as well as cognitive, cultural, social, political and educational sciences. Those links and interconnections are investigated in the frames of four methodological paradigms. The first paradigm connects counting, managing and reflecting. The second paradigm is a certain combination of discovering, thinking and solving. The third paradigm binds acting as overcoming, choosing and alternating. Finally, the fourth one relates acts of criticism, creation and construction. This issue is divided into four sections corresponding to the above-mentioned paradigms. This article, in turn, gives concise reviews and interpretations of articles presented in each of the aforementioned sections. Those reviews and interpretations link and bring together different topics of diverse disciplines, such as econometric counting, participation of youth in family business, transformation of classical concept of causality, solving logical paradoxes, trying to overcome various forms of nihilism, seeking alternatives to consumerism, searching for social equality, safety, security and inclusion.