Philosophy of Economics and Management: Youth Participation in Family Business and National Economy

  • Zuzana Horčičková
  • Nerijus Stasiulis
Keywords: ethics, family business, participation, philosophy of economics, rationality, young person


The aim of the present paper is to reconcile a philosophical reflection on the role of the family as a communitarian entity in the business environment based on the individualistic principle and practical research aimed at identifying young people’s attitudes towards their involvement in family business. Respondents of the research were students of the final years of secondary schools, tertiary professional schools and vocational schools in the Liberec Region. The family is treated from the ethical point of view as well as in terms of political and economic philosophy as a suitable environment to shape economic attitudes in young people that are not restricted to a merely ‘economist’ form of rationality and as able to play an important part in a properly working state economy. The practical research shows that a young person’s intention to work in the family business depends on whether they are involved in it already during their studies.
Counting, Managing and Reflecting: Two Perspectives