The Perspective of Overcoming Nihilism in Heidegger’s Dialogue with Jünger

  • Tautvydas Vėželis
Keywords: overcoming of nihilism, Nothing, dialogue, technology


This article examines the problem of overcoming nihilism in Heidegger’s dialogue with Jünger. It is suggested that nihilism is manifested in various forms and is the deep logic of the whole history of European civilization. One of the main aims of this paper is to outline the relationship of nihilism and Nothing in Heidegger’s dispute with Jünger, viewing how Heidegger distinguishes his approach from Jünger’s point of view. Heidegger, on the one hand, treats nihilism as consummation of the Western metaphysical tradition, on the other hand, identifies Nothing itself as the shadow of Being, which cannot be overcome in the traditional dialectical thinking manner.
Overcoming, Choosing and Alternating: Between Nihilism and Consumerism