Housing Provision for the Youth in Lithuania: Attitudes and Experiences

  • Rūta Brazienė
Keywords: youth, housing provision for the youth, independent residence


This paper is aimed at analysis of housing provision for the youth in Lithuania. In this paper, the main trends of scientific research and the newest studies in the housing provision for the youth field were briefly discussed. Based on a qualitative data, young person’s attitudes and experiences towards housing provision were identified. In this paper only part of the data collected by implementing the National Science Programme ‘Welfare Society’ supported by the Lithuanian Science Council Project ‘Housing Provision for the Youth: Processes, Problems and Solutions in Lithuania (JABS)’ (GER 007/17) were analysed. Based on the data analysis of 26 semi-structured interviews, the main thematic lines reflecting youth housing issues were identified: the first acquisition of home ownership vs housing provision strategies, the role of employment status and financial resources for housing provision and housing purchasing opportunities. The research results disclosed that the main housing provision and transition to an independent residence issues for the youth is lack of financial resources and stability on the labour market, constantly increasing housing purchasing and rent prices, and ineffective Lithuanian housing policy.