Methodological Foundations of the Language of Metaphysics

  • Natalia Gondek
Keywords: the language of metaphysics, existential judgement, transcendentals, analogy of being


The present paper concerns the methodological foundations of the language of metaphysics developed by M. A. Krąpiec and S. Kamiński. The specific character of the language of metaphysics rests, primarily, on analogy conceived ontically, the basis of which is being apprehended by existential judgements. This language uses a specific kind of terminology, i.e. analogous/transcendental. It does not seek to disambiguate the concepts but to develop such expressions which are characterized by an analogous and unlimited scope of predication which apprehends everything that exists. By virtue of these expressions the language of metaphysics is capable of presenting the general existential aspect of reality, which constitutes the proper dimension for metaphysical studies.
Transcendence and Cognition