Technique, Technologies, Ontology: Philosophical, Sociological and Communicative Aspects

  • Edvardas Rimkus
Keywords: technique, technologies, ontology, etchics, media, communication, society


The article gives a review of scientific conference ‘Technique, Technologies, Ontology: Philosophical, Sociological and Communicative Aspects’ held at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. The text represents the course of the conference and the main thoughts of speakers. The topics explored in this scientific event were the following: human being and biorobots, ethics of technology, the conception of human in transhumanism, paradoxes of media technology, technological thinking and catastrophes of humanity, the psychology of engineer in literature, technology of capitalism, philosophy of A. Šliogeris, modern technologies and mythical consciousness, ontology of instrumentality, postsecularity and biotechnologies, fake news, technologies of propaganda, human being and information technologies, technology of virtual learning environment in the process of studying.
Academic Life in Lithuania