The Role of Visuals in the Communication Process

  • Alexander Khorin
  • Ekaterina Voronova
Keywords: visuality, visual communication, communication process


Information flows, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern society and its cultural environment, penetrate into all spheres of an individual’s life thanks to digital technologies. As a result, social processes experience drastic changes in the ways and forms of cognition and transformation of the surrounding reality, as well as in the processes of formation and representation of the individual in society. As a result of the development of digital information technologies, significant changes have occurred in the living space and the perception of time by a person of the 21st century. The Internet has formed its own unique information space, with its own special social and technological characteristics. A virtual network is a space for global communication and high-speed data dissemination, as well as an environment for people’s interaction that is not limited by the barriers of traditional mass media. All this has created a new type of culture – the culture of virtual reality, since our reality consists mainly of everyday virtual experiences.
Artificial Intelligence