Is the Realization of the Emotional Artificial Intelligence Possible? Philosophical and Methodological Analysis

  • Oksana Chursinova
  • Oleksandra Stebelska
Keywords: emotions, emotional intelligence, emotional artificial intelligence, qualia, morality


The article dwells upon the need for a thorough philosophical and methodological analysis of the nature and functions of the human’s emotional and sensual sphere in order to identify the possibilities of its implementation by means of artificial intelligence. Computers have become part and parcel of our lives, so full-fledged communication requires empowering them to recognize and express emotions. Due to the result of critical analysis, the authors state that implementation, and not simulation, of emotions in any computing system is currently problematic and, to some extent, impossible. The reason for this is connected both with the blurring in the scientific and philosophical literature of the very concept of ‘emotion’, and the subjective and qualitative nature of the person’s experience of reality, the rootedness of their emotional and sensual sphere in the physical, social and cultural being, the unconditional connection of emotions and the internal personal space of the person.
Artificial Intelligence