Visuality 2021: Media and Communication

  • Nerijus Stasiulis
Keywords: communication, media, reality, virtuality, visuality


The article provides a synopsis of the issues discussed in the 6th international scientific conference Visuality 2021: Media and Communication. The background for the discussions was the tranformations of ways to communicate, also incrusted with the up-todate reflection on the influence of lockdown under COVID-19. The effects of the novel mediated communication on politics, education and art were discussed from different angles. Some presenters focused on the opening of new oppurtunities, others were worried about the disapperance of reality and authenticity. The possibility of visuality to communicate the most abstract scientific and philosophical ideas was also discussed, and visuality proved to be a merging point of many streams of human being in the world. In addition to most up-to-date challenges, the discussion also encompassed a broad historical perspective, down to the Rennaissance.