Scheming the Political Landscape: A New Communist Domain

  • Yin Wang
Keywords: the radical left scholar, Ego, Other, the World, the Neo-Communism


The paper analyses and interprets Western radical left-wing scholars’ view on communism from the three dimensions of Ego, Other and the World in the modern philosophical context. The purpose of the research is to compare and reconstruct the three scientific categories of relations represented by communism, namely, the logical dialectical relations of Ego domain, Other domain and the World domain. The theoretical reconstruction and contextual analysis of Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, as well as numerous researchers of their work are used. The methodological basis of this research is a philosophical reconstruction and deductive speculation, inductive speculation and insight speculation approach. It is shown that the radical left scholars reexamine the evolution of communism from three basic categories: imaginary domain, symbolic domain and real domain. Furthermore, they reconsider the construction of communism through the study of the interrelations among Ego, Other and the World. Simultaneously, they also excavate the structural contradiction of contemporary capitalism and criticise its deficiencies. The weaknesses of the argument about these relations are shown by reconstructing this upward spiral relations, which can be considered an ideal model of domain structure in ‘The Neo-Communist domain’. On the basis of this claim, it is shown that these three types of domain structures may well coexist at least in ideal society, thus mankind should adhere to Marx’s dialectical materialism to consider problems. The scientific significance of the research is justifying that the philosophical reconstruction does not only enrich Marxist communist ideology and is of great practical significance for Socialist countries to reshape the ideals and beliefs of Marxism, but also stick to the development of Marxism and to expand the research horizon of communism. Nevertheless, the communist thought of western radical left scholars still has the dilemma of separating theory from practice and failing to transform theoretical communism into combatant communism.

Political Imagination