Factors of Intergenerational Social Mobility in Lithuania: Searches of Expert Opinion Consensus

  • Tautvydas Vencius
Keywords: factors of social mobility, Delphi method


Social mobility is influenced by many factors. Studies show that Lithuania is among the countries with the same number of upward and downward social mobility. This shows that there is social inequality in the country, which especially affects people from the lower socio-economic strata. Considering the fact that previous studies of social mobility did not analyse the factors of this phenomenon based on the qualitative approach of data collection and analysis, this article, based on the Delphi method, seeks a consensus of views expressed by experts – the most important barriers and factors of social mobility. The results show that a family and neighbourhood environment that does not form positive social skills is one of the main obstacles to social mobility, moreover, opportunities are limited due to insufficient funding for social protection, high levels of inequality, the fragmentation of complex assistance and the lack of other social services.

Attitudes, Coordination of Roles and Social Mobility