Influence of storage conditions on germination of winter wheat seeds (Triticum aestivum L.) in relation to agriculture systems

  • Vasyl Petrenko
Keywords: agriculture system, laboratory germination, terms and modes of storage, wheat seeds


In this study we evaluated different terms and modes of winter wheat seeds storage. The study was aimed to determine the effect of three modes and six terms on the laboratory germination as well as to ascertain the optimal regime of storage. Wheat was grown on leached black soil under three different fertilization conditions in the northern part of Ukraine. Field and laboratory experiments were conducted in the Agronomy Experimental Station of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. The data were analyzed using the ANOVA method. Sowing properties depended more on weather conditions after harvesting and on terms of storage in a long-term storage period. Agriculture systems (fertilizing and plant protection systems) define sowing properties not more than 16%. The optimal storage period for winter seeds under different conditions was 6–18 months. In need of further storage, it is necessary to use the Cool mode.