Allelopathic effects of curly dock (Rumex crispus) on spring barley seed germination and early growth

  • Regina Malinauskaitė
Keywords: Rumex crispus, barley, ionized and distilled water, soaking, germination rates


The experiment was carried out at Aleksandras Stulgins­kis University in 2015. The goal of the experiment was to set the allelopathic interaction and influence of Rumex crispus seeds (unsoaked and soaked for 168 hours) and ionized water on spring barley grain germination. The following experiment variants with different proportions of barley grains and R. crispus fruits were used: a) control – 30 barley grains; other variants: b) 20 barley grains and 10 R. crispus fruits, c) 15:15 and d) 10:20. During the germination in distilled water, unsoaked R. crispus fruits inhibited the barley grain germination. In alkaline ionized water, unsoaked fruits did not affect the barley grain germination, which amounted to 100%. Soaked Rumex crispus fruits stimulated the germination. The lowest germination energy (83%) and viability (92%) were determined in the case of ratio 20:10. In distilled water, unsoaked fruits increased barley root and coleoptile elongation. The longest roots (140.00 mm) and coleoptiles (108.26 mm) were in the variant 15:15. Soaked fruits increased barley root elongation, but did not have any effect on the coleoptile length. In ionized alkaline water, in the experiment variants 20:10 and 15:15, R. crispus fruits suppressed barley root and coleoptile elongation. In the case of ratio 10:20 barley formed the longest roots and coleoptiles. Soaked fruits increased barley root elongation, especially in the case of ratio 10:20, and coleoptile elongation. R. crispus fruits had no significant effect on the number of roots.