Biotechnological esterification of oleic acid with 2-ethylhexanol in biolubricant synthesis technologies

  • Ieva Čepaitė
  • Milda Gumbytė
Keywords: biosynthesis, lipase, 2-ethylhexanololeate


The possibilities of waste materials re-use in biosynthesis of grease were investigated. In this paper, 2-ethylhexanololeate synthesis from 2-ethylhexanol and oleic acid using industrial enzymes is discussed. In order to select an effective enzyme for the mentioned synthesis, the selection of industrial lipases was carried out. During the reactions, acidity of the substances was measured and a chromatographic analysis was held to observe the reaction rate. After choosing the suitable lipase (Lipozyme TL IM), an experimental model was created. When all reactions from the plan were completed, optimal conditions were estimated. The process temperature was 41.04 °C, the duration of the process was 26.10 h, the molar ratio of 2-ethylhexanololeate and oleic acid was 2.35:1.16 mol/mol, and the enzyme quantity (according to acid quantity) was 9.91%.
Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management