The assessment of Lithuanian private forestry sustainability

  • Stasys Mizaras
  • Asta Doftartė
  • Diana Lukminė
Keywords: private forestry, sustainability, indicators, assessment


The development of private forestry in Lithuania has raised the problem of its sustainability assessment. In order for private forest management in small holdings to be based on sustainability principles, this sustainability must be characterized by a system of measurable criteria and indicators. The purpose of the study is to assess the sustainability of Lithuanian private forestry. Based on European and other processes on criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management for the first time Lithuanian private forestry sustainability was assessed. The assessment model is based on the multicriteria analysis and includes 7 steps: 1) criteria and indicators, 2) their importance, 3) values of indicators, 4) target indicators, 5) assessment scales, 6) assessment of indicators, 7) overall assessment. The article describes the small-scale private forestry of Lithuania, the model of its sustainability assessment and the results of the assessment. The assessment score for the sustainability of Lithuanian private forestry is 3.2 on the 5-point scale.