The main plant mineral nutrition balance on using ecological fertilizers

  • Auksė Burakova
  • Eugenija Bakšienė
  • Almantas Ražukas
Keywords: crop yield, leaching loss, NPK balance, organic fertilizers


The experiments were performed in stationary cylindrical lysimeters, which were filled with soil typical of the Eastern Lithuanian region: sandy loam and loamy sand soil (Haplic Luvisol). In the experiment, the main aim was to investigate the balance of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the sandy loam and loamy sand Haplic Luvisol and to evaluate their effectiveness and suitability for the light texture soil and agricultural crop harvest in organic agriculture. It was found that, in general, during the three years of the experiment, the balance of N in the sandy loam and loamy sand soil was negative, but fertilization with organic sapropel showed the positive results: less N leaching losses content, compared to other organic-organic fertilizers. Fertilization with cattle manure did not ensure the P positive element balance, in both types of soils, due to a small amount of P in the fertilizer and a high accumulation in the yield. The amount of potassium added each year with NPK fertilizer ensured a positive element balance only in the sandy loam soil.