Lithuanian Journal of Physics

Published quarterly by the Lithuanian Physical Society and the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. The main aim of the Lithuanian Journal of Physics is to reflect the most recent advances in various fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied physics, including:
² mathematical and computational physics
² subatomic physics
² atoms and molecules
² chemical physics
² electrodynamics and wave processes
² nonlinear and coherent optics
² spectroscopy

Vol 57, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Mathematical and Computational Physics

A. Matulis
A. Dargys

Nonlinear and Coherent Optics

V. Tamulienė, V. Smilgevičius, D. Kudarauskas, R. Butkus, A. Stabinis, A. Piskarskas


R. Butkutė, M. Skapas, A. Selskis, V. Bukauskas, S. Stanionytė, G. Niaura

Condensed Matter Physics and Technology

J. Važgėla, M. Stephen, G. Juška, K. Genevičius, K. Arlauskas

Environmental Physics

V. Barkauskas, R. Plukienė, A. Plukis, V. Remeikis