Characterization of Cr–ZrO2 composite coatings electrodeposited from Cr(III) bath

  • G. Bikulčius
  • A. Češūnienė
  • A. Selskienė
  • A. Grigucevičienė
  • V. Jasulaitienė
  • M. Ger
Keywords: zirconium, electrodeposited films, SEM, XPS, EIS, interfaces


The aim of this work was to incorporate ZrO2 particles into a Cr matrix within the research work aimed at obtaining metal matrix composite coatings (Cr–ZrO2) under direct current and to evaluate their protective properties. A Cr–ZrO2 composite coating was deposited from an electrolyte based on trivalent chromium sulphate with formate-urea as a complexing agent containing various concentrations of ZrO2. Cross-section investigations have revealed that ZrO2 particles incorporated into the Cr coating are uniformly distributed. The results indicate that ZrO2 particles influence the microhardness, morphology and corrosion behaviour of Cr–ZrO2 composite coatings obtained from the Cr(III) bath.