Study of the influence of surfactants on the paper properties and degradation

  • Milda Liubinienė
  • Justė Kupčiūnaitė
  • Aldona Beganskienė
Keywords: paper conservation, washing, surfactants, quaternary ammonium compounds


Surfactants are one of the materials recommended for the cleaning of movable cultural properties. These substances are widespread in other fields – medicine, cosmetics, household appliance industry, etc. Quaternary ammonium compounds are particularly prevalent due to their cleansing and disinfectant properties. Initial studies have shown that surfactants, including quaternary ammonium compounds, have a positive effect on preserved/ restored cultural properties. Using relatively low concentrations of aqueous solutions of these substances, it is possible to obtain sufficiently good results to wash out from the restoration of the document or textiles dirt, acidification of the object and colour changes that cause aging and decomposition processes – hydrolysis and oxidation.
Physical Chemistry